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Perspective (Continued)

Perspective from a young employee’s stance.


Do you view your interactions through an employee’s perspective?

Aritfacts and Work Culture

How does your office decor influence your team?

Encourage Innovation

Are you unintentionally stifling innovation within your employees?

Relinquishing control may be the best option for you.

3 Tips for Teaching Engagement

Do you see other leaders that appear to be ‘checked out’?

Here are 3 tips to re-engage them.

Five Tips for ‘Tough Talks’

As a leader, you have to be ready to have difficult conversations. Make sure you are ready for them with these five easy steps.

Advocate for Others

An often overlooked tactic to build trust within a team is the art of advocacy.

Millennials Vs. Gen Z’ers

Are you leading the right generation?

The Three Sentence Rule

Addressing performance issues or mistakes doesn’t need to be an all-day affair.
Communicating effectively with your team is essential to success.

Owning Your Role

Leadership does not mean it is always the bosses’ fault.

Leadership begins at the lowest level and works up.

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