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about me:

Husband | 2x Dad 👶🏻 | Director at Frontline Freedom | Author | Adventurer | Outdoor Enthusiast | Trying to earn my father of the year mug.

I can confidently say that I am an average guy. Well, average American guy. I live in the midwest. I have a wife and two kids. I work a full-time job.

I run a small non-profit in addition to my full-time work. The non-profit aims to get frontline workers out into the backcountry through backpacking, camping, or fly-fishing. It is called Frontline Freedom. You can check it out here.

A part of what Frontline Freedom advocates is mental health. One of the ways we encourage our cohorts to stay mentally resilient is through creativity. Hence, the creation of this site. I cannot preach to others to journal, create vlogs, blogs, podcasts, or take up photography if I am unwilling to do the same

In the spirit of knowing that we are more than the metrics of a census, I wanted to create a space to share. I wanted a space to share my experiences, my life, my thoughts and give a glimpse into the not-so-Instagram perfect reality of which we all are a part

Maybe you will find something interesting from the perspective of an average guy. For me, this is an outlet. If I am constrained by work and am limited in the amount of adventure I can partake in, I must shift my paradigm. I must bring the experiences to myself. We are limited only by what our minds think we can or cannot do.

Personally, I think we can all change the world. First, we have to acknowledge that some aspects of the world do in fact, need improved. One of the quickest ways we can change the world is by making people feel valued, respected, trusted, and purposeful. It all starts with where people spend most of their day. Work. Leadership matters.


I believe impact begins with

Integrity & Passion

Building a Legacy Through Creativity
Building a Legacy Through Creativity

As we navigate the labyrinth of life, we often stumble upon the urge to "leave our mark" or "make a dent in the universe." While seemingly empowering, these phrases carry an undertone of disruption and even destruction, akin to a dog marking its territory or a...

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Mastering the Art of Rhetoric: A Leadership Application
Mastering the Art of Rhetoric: A Leadership Application

Effective communication is essential for successful leadership. By honing the art of rhetoric, leaders can effectively convey their messages to their teams and other stakeholders clearly and compellingly. This requires an understanding of language and how to craft sentences that are both aesthetically pleasing and packed with substance. To ensure effective communication, it’s important to focus on

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Intersecting Virtues

“Intersecting Virtues: The Art of Confidence, Competence, and Character” is a journey of self-discovery, offering practical insights and strategies to cultivate confidence, competence, and character. It explores the human spirit and its capacity for resilience, growth, and greatness. With a blend of storytelling, psychological insights, and practical wisdom, this book guides anyone seeking to be a better leader. It shows that with the right mindset, skills, and values, we all have the potential to harness the power of intersecting virtues.




"They" Are Not Millennials

“They” Are Not Millennials addresses the issues facing organizational leaders coping with a rapidly evolving workplace culture. This book provides an understanding of the differences in the youngest employees entering the workforce. It includes leadership insights and strategies to lead, motivate, and inspire a young workforce into achieving organizational and personal development goals.




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