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David Brown

Redefining leadership with a human-first approach.

about david:

Husband | 2x Dad 👶🏻 | Director at Frontline Freedom | Author | Adventurer | Outdoor Enthusiast | Trying to earn my father of the year mug.

With over 19 years dedicated to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, David’s career is one of progress and passion. Starting his journey in 2005, David distinguished himself as a State Trooper. From working the roads as a Motorcycle Officer to unlocking the complexities of drug influence as a Drug Recognition Officer, David’s path is marked with a desire to excel.

His continued passion for learning the craft of leadership philosophy earned him a promotion to Patrol Sergeant in 2012. He transferred to the training academy to serve as the Course Director for academy training, shaping the future of law enforcement. Rising through the ranks, he served as the commander of two field posts before taking on the challenge of district commander in 2018. David embraced his passion for leadership and mentorship by assuming the lead role in leadership development and education for all staff, a position he still holds with dedication today. In 2022, David embarked on a new journey, assuming the position of Captain, overseeing the vital operations of the security services division, including capitol security and the police officer unit.

David’s drive extends far beyond police work. In 2020, he co-founded Frontline Freedom, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, fueling his commitment to service as its executive director. In 2024, Frontline Freedom initiated the hosting of four annual leadership summits for the FBI National Academy. His dedication echoes the resounding belief that we all can make a difference, one impactful step at a time.

David excels as a vibrant speaker and is the author of two books. He employs personal anecdotes to make his content relatable and engaging, ensuring his audience is captivated. His expertise lies in elucidating concepts of generational leadership, cultivating organizational culture, and promoting self-leadership accountability.

David lives in Delaware, Ohio, with his wife and their two children.



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Integrity & Passion

Intersecting Virtues

“Intersecting Virtues: The Art of Confidence, Competence, and Character” is a journey of self-discovery, offering practical insights and strategies to cultivate confidence, competence, and character. It explores the human spirit and its capacity for resilience, growth, and greatness. With a blend of storytelling, psychological insights, and practical wisdom, this book guides anyone seeking to be a better leader. It shows that with the right mindset, skills, and values, we all have the potential to harness the power of intersecting virtues.




"They" Are Not Millennials

“They” Are Not Millennials addresses the issues facing organizational leaders coping with a rapidly evolving workplace culture. This book provides an understanding of the differences in the youngest employees entering the workforce. It includes leadership insights and strategies to lead, motivate, and inspire a young workforce into achieving organizational and personal development goals.




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