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During our stops, topics and conversations tend to come up.  Today was no exception.  So many times we have seen people who avoid being unhappy, or avoid an unhappy experience.  We have all seen it from someone we know or have done it ourselves.  The end result is never true happiness, it is merely going with the status quo and avoiding an unpleasant experience.  Have you ever gotten back together with an ‘ex’ just to not feel alone?  Not taken a job opportunity because you felt like it was ‘too much’?  Not told somebody the deep seeded truth to avoid a conflict?  It may be the cure for the now, but in the end, happiness will never come.  One cannot live in the present or have a future while holding onto the past.  Avoiding unhappiness at the time will not lead to the eventuality of happiness.  Being uncomfortable in the temporary, stepping out into the unknown makes for extreme misery in the temporary.  The long term on the other hand becomes amazing.


I know, this is completely random.  It was an interesting lunch topic that had me pondering most of the day.  So here it is……


Rubber side down.

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