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If there is one thing I have mastered, it is taking a selfie on a motorcycle at ‘operating speed’.  And just what that is…well…..(trail off slightly)


Today we departed from Omaha and set out west.  The rest of Nebraska could be summed up as ‘Fun’.  Lenient speed regulations, the overall lack of traffic, and the will to get to the next destination made for an exhilarating ride.

As we crossed into South Dakota, we stopped at a major intersection for five minutes.  There was nothing near us.  No other traffic, no people.  Just us.  How we envisioned the west to be.  It was like stepping back into time.  Every town we stopped in felt like it was a prop from the movie; “There Will Be Blood”.  The local gas station was a meeting point for farmers on a Sunday afternoon.  Cowboy hats, coffee, and nobody knew a stranger.  It felt nice.

As we entered the Badlands area we were persuaded by another group of motorcyclist to travel down the path less traveled.  Which means, the K1600GT was treated just like the R1200GSA was treated.  The difference, the GSA was built for offered use.  The GT was not.  25 miles of dirt ‘roads’ and I had my fair share of being stressed out of my mind.  User advice, the K1600GT does not handle well in non-pavement conditions.  Dave, on his GSA was loving it.

Hit an awesome thunderstorm as we entered the Black Hills.  The lightning coming down was mesmerizing.  We got wet and blown around by some incredible cross-winds.  We survived and ended up in Keystone, SD for the night.  Long day of riding.  Just shy of 550 miles, 25 off-road and grueling……Lets not do that part again.


Two Wheeled Therapy.

Rubber side down.

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