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Seeing as how my mom is probably the only person who actually reads my nonsense, I feel that this is a good time for me to say; “Hi mom, love you.”

Today was an amazing day.  I’m pretty sure I had a smile the entire ride today.  We started off early and rode to Mt. Rushmore, conveniently located 4 minutes from our hotel.  BOOM.  Amazing views, I think we were more interested in the terrain outside of Mount Rushmore than the actual monument itself…  It was pretty neat to see, though.

We rode from there to ‘Devil’s Tower’.  That was a fun road in.  Twisty, winding roads and an amazing backdrop to set it all in.  Wyoming made us feel like we were in the real ‘west’.  At the tower we met a couple from Ohio (Pickerington) and had a nice conversation with them.  We chatted for about 30 minutes with them about everything humans can possibly think of to talk about in 30 minutes.  Very nice people.

We departed and hit I-90 (my favorite interstate so far) and made up some serious time and dropped down into Big Horn National Forest……  WOW.  Simply amazing.  As we made our way into the town just outside of the forest we stopped for fuel.  We made friends with an older gentleman, a local.  We talked with him about everything from hunting to bikes to the coal mines.  The best part of that conversation was him telling us about an airplane that had crashed during WWII.  The plane and its crew had just seemed to vanish.  The wreckage was found two years later and now the area is known as ‘Bomber Mountain’ in honor of the victims.

As we rode through Big Horn, the views just kept getting better and better.  Skies clear, mind clearing….  Awesome day.


Two Wheeled Therapy.

Rubber side down.

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