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Left from the Modern Hotel in Boise this morning and jumped on HWY 2o towards Bend, Oregon.  They call it the High Desert.  Once we left civilization we had 130 miles to the nearest town.  No gas stations, no shops, just desert.  It was a great view.  The road cuts through some of the rolling hills of the area.

We came to a construction zone and the flagger talked to us for about 10 minutes while traffic was all stopped.  She recommended a small restaurant in Burns, Oregon.  (The only town in the middle of the 260 mile stretch of road)  We took her advice and found the establishment in town.  From the outside it looked dirty, small, not pleasant.  We went inside and it looked like it was a set from the movie ‘Road House’, except it was a Wednesday afternoon and the only people inside were three older men at the bar.

The waitress recommended the Steak Sandwich…..  Oh. Em. Gee.  It was marinated in whiskey and cooked to order.  The most delicious thing I’ve eaten in months… by far.  We talked with the wait staff for about an hour while we ate.  Discussing everything from Unions to geographic limitations of living in a desert.  The town was located approximately 130 miles in any direction from the next town.

The ride out of town, after we were full, was long, straight, and desolate.  No traffic.  Just us.


Two Wheeled Therapy.

Rubber side down.

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