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We all strive to convey our intentions and messages clearly, but sometimes the items we fail to do may speak volumes. Our nonverbal communication strategies can be incredibly revealing about our true feelings or even suggest that there is something left unsaid. Being conscious of our actions (or lack thereof) is important in helping us express ourselves with respect and dignity. Understanding basic workflow principles can help equip us with a deeper level of empathy when we interact with others, ensuring that what we’re failing to articulate doesn’t go unnoticed by those around us.

We are all busy, and our lives get in the way of keeping up with family, friends, and colleagues. However, when we fail to take the time to reach out for a chat or return a call promptly, we say more than we think. We convey that this person does not rank highly on our priority list, which can be hurtful or inconsiderate. This is something that it pays to recognize – cultivating relationships is important, and by being intentional about how we communicate with those around us, we cultivate an environment of mutual respect and consideration. It is worth putting effort into saving the bridges that were once so easy to cross.

Recently, a colleague rushed off the phone with me. I viewed this person as incredibly close to me and have always put them as a priority. I didn’t think anything of it when the individual jumped off the phone. It wasn’t until two days later that I realized I had never received a follow-up. It was at that moment that I realized that I was probably putting in more than I was receiving out of the friendship.

Most relationships are a balance of give and take. Sometimes you need people more than they need you. Sometimes its the opposite. What holds, regardless, is that respecting others means showing up. It means having a follow-through.

When we fail to show up for someone, it says much about how we truly value that relationship. Rather than simply being absent or not returning calls or messages, our behavior tells people just how important they are – or aren’t – to us. While relationships come in all shapes and sizes, understanding the importance of consistent presence is essential to cultivate meaningful ones. Making a conscious effort to show our boundaries and presence will deepen any relational bond and help us maintain communication and clarity. We do not need to overextend ourselves, but it’s necessary to authentically express the place a person occupies in our lives and not take them for granted.

Relationships are the fuel that drives progress; without them, even the greatest ideas in the world go unrealized, and potential remains untapped. A person with a great idea may have something extraordinary to offer. Still, it takes relationships – the kind that means open communication, mutual trust, and understanding – to bring those ideas to fruition. Therefore, establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships is vital for personal or professional growth. By nurturing relationships, we can enable ourselves and others to reach our fullest potential.

Our actions, or lack thereof, tremendously impact our lives and the world around us. Every day, we have countless opportunities to choose how to act and interact with ourselves and others. What we do and don’t do ultimately shows the universe what kind of person we are; it speaks louder than words ever could. Our decisions reveal our values, vision, and where we want to go with our life. Whether creating something new or helping another living being in need, our every action has a special power when acted out with genuine intention. Every choice matters – so let’s choose actions that will speak to the world about who we are.

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