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One day, amid my usual tech-filled routine, I decided to do something different. I picked up a pen, pulled a piece of paper, and started writing a letter. Not just any letter, a letter of gratitude. A letter that acknowledged someone’s hard work, their kindness, their impact on my life.

Writing a letter by hand is unlike typing an email or text. It’s slower, more deliberate, more… intentional. You have to think about each word, each sentence, each paragraph. You must connect with your emotions, reflect on your experiences, and express your thoughts clearly and sincerely.

There is no backspace.

And here’s where the magic happens. As you write, you see your life in a new light. You start to appreciate the people around you, your situations, and the world you’re part of. You begin to realize that your life is not just a series of random events but a meaningful narrative you’re actively shaping.

“To experience meaning, you have to accept the fact of your agency and move into your life with intention.” – Donald Miller.

By writing these letters, I’ve expressed my gratitude to others and discovered a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment. I’ve realized that I’m not just a passive observer but an active participant. And that is a game-changer.

This little exercise has brought my focus to the people who matter. Perhaps that is what is missing in society today. We need more reasons to tune into others in real life. Not YouTube or TikTok. Genuine connection begins when we take the time to acknowledge the actions of others.

So, here’s my challenge: pick up a pen, grab a piece of paper, and write a letter of gratitude. It could be to a friend, a colleague, a family member, or even yourself. Take your time, be sincere, and let your thoughts flow.

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